Guitar sites like these are actually resources for the beginning and advanced guitar player. Let me preface this piece of writing by saying that every beginner guitar player needs to learn music theory from a reputable source. While playing a musical instrument is often thought of as a hobby; when you get in to it, you will learn to communicate with other musicians. Music theory is the language of guitar and all musical instruments. Don't overlook this important step in your journey.

Start Off Learning Easy Chords On Guitar

Don't rush in to the harder stuff too quickly... pace yourself, take your time and relax.

Having stated that, where are the nice guitar sites and what do those sites offer. I have found plenty that offer what I need. But, one site that stands out is You can search by either the song title or the artist. You can also learn from videos on youtube such as this one explaining how to strum a guitar.

Guitar Lesson Websites

First recommendaion is on youtube.

Another site that I love is It gives you resources and other sites to check out for various questions you might have about playing guitar.

You will love It is an edgy site with bold articles, and new features being added all the time. Here you will also find interviews with great artists, music reviews, visitor articles and loads of videos of artist's singles and concerts.

For tabs, I love Their objective is to help you to be a better musician by giving you tools to improve your guitar skills. They also have a team of musicians working with the site continuously. is one you Probably would never find unless someone suggested it. If you've never played music using a metronome, you will be surprised the way it improves your cadence and the performance of your songs. Record yourself playing a favorite song using the metronome. The metronome is used to impress some discipline on an artist in the beginning. is a site dedicated to guitar maintenance. Of all the guitar sites this one might be the most important for you. Your guitar is a pricey piece of equipment. This site will help you to maintain it. They actually have lessons on guitar maintenance on this guitar web-site.